Contributing to a Generational Shift - AMTA Annual Report 2014

In 4 fast years, more than 2,350 Aboriginal people have committed to a process of personal and professional development through AMTA. More than 980 are now employed, contributing more than $33 million annually to Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP). Through skills training and career opportunities, AMTA candidates, from an educational standpoint, are accomplishing more than the generations before them. They are building momentum and creating lasting impacts for their families and communities. Most importantly, they are changing the story of Aboriginal people in Canada. Read about our accomplishments and lessons learned in the AMTA Annual Report 2014.

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  • 980+ AMTA candidates currently working
  • 350+ employers have hired AMTA candidates
  • Average wage increased from $13,754 to $52,959
  • 2700+ candidates registered
  • 498+ candidates have been enrolled in trades training
  • 50% female registrants
  • 45% under the age of 35
  • 150+ First Nations bands represented (122 BC-based First Nations)
  • Real impact: ~285% increase in AMTA candidate wages after training
  • Real impact: ~$107,000 per employed candidate in total Provincial GDP
  • Real impact: ~$105+ million impact to Provincial GDP
  • Real impact: ~$136,000 per employed candidate in total Federal GDP
  • Real impact: ~$133+ million impact to Federal GDP

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